AI-Based Talent Acquisition Solution

Start AI-Driven Talent Recruiting Journey With

Talent acquisition is not only job-resume matching, but also business needs and ability matching. It is the key of enterprise development.

Dynamic Job Portraits

  • Create Job Portraits
  • Auto Refresh Job Posting
  • Collect Recruiter Preference
  • Continuous Learning Model

Automatic Talent Management

  • Auto integrate data into Talent Pool
  • Auto Map resume by channel and job
  • Resume Parse and Knowledge Graph
  • AI-based Searching engine

Collaborative Applicant Tracking

  • Notify between Talents and Recruiters
  • Customized Assessment Form
  • Complete notes, logs and flows
  • Detailed control of user access

Intelligent Matching Suggestion

  • Analyze matching score by talent
  • Screen advantages of each talent
  • Recommend potentials from talent pool

Panoramic Data Analysis

  • Customized data source, traits and chart types
  • Save and pin at everywhere you want
  • Text-to-command search and analyze