All-in-One Talent Development Platform

Start AI-Driven Talent Development Journey With

Unlock Employee-Performance Leverage could amplify organizational efficiency quickly. Limited to the level of of HR management , most enterprise has not fully utilize and optimize the leverage.

All-in-One Talent Platform

One-to-replace-all infrastructure to cover needs of management, analysis and decision-making

Template Center for various scenario

  • Plentiful HR-related templates
  • Customized fields and entities
  • Flexible views and process management
  • Powerful analysis for various needs

Integrate across systems

  • out-of-the-box connector
  • Automated data transform
  • Comprehensive persona
  • Plentiful visualization

Highly automated, Remove routines

  • Various triggers across scenarios
  • Flexible rule engines
  • Automate workflow
  • Customize action order

Auto build decision-making traits

  • Auto process by AI-Model
  • Customize traits and data flow

Customized and Continuously Learning

  • Top performer and promoters as positive signal, low performer and passed talents as negative signal
  • Dynamic, continuous learning business preference, customize your model